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Probate Attorney

Probate and estate administration are crucial processes that ensure the orderly distribution of a deceased person’s assets according to their will or to state laws if no will exists. Many people hope that they can manage the probate process on their own, but without skilled legal guidance, it can take months or longer to settle.

At Maul Law in Hamilton, we manage these complex procedures with precision and speed, particularly for clients who are administering the estate of someone who had property in Michigan. We understand the hardship of juggling the probate process while going through mourning, and we are here to shoulder the legal burden of all estate administration concerns. Our probate team will guide you through probate with confidence.

Understanding What Probate Is

Probate is the legal process or resolving a decedent’s estate and distributing the assets to heirs and beneficiaries while paying any remaining debts. Anyone who may have assets at the time of their passing should understand what probate is and how to prepare for it. As we guide you through your probate and estate administration needs, we will also keep you informed about everything along the way.

What Our Probate Services Include

When it comes to probate, we are prepared to take on the complicated challenges that may be involved. Some common issues we resolve for our clients include:

  • Determination of heirs: Despite what others may assume, there is no automatic assumption of biological parents, largely because birth certificates do not require listing a father. We can assist in determining legal heirs when it is essential to determine who has a rightful claim on the decedent’s assets.
  • Order of affiliation: We guide our clients through the process of establishing their heritage and their rights to the estate in question.
  • Name changes: We can also guide you through the bureaucracy of name changes when settling an estate.

Maul Law is often chosen by attorneys from other states, like Illinois, who need a Michigan probate attorney for clients with ties to Michigan. Our lawyer also can assist in updating an estate plan for clients who have inherited property in Michigan. Whether it’s because of property ownership or familial connections, we are equipped to handle these cross-state probate issues efficiently.

Need Probate Assistance In Michigan?

If you are dealing with the death of a person with assets in Michigan, or if you are a conservator managing such an estate, it’s crucial to navigate the probate process with a knowledgeable attorney. Contact our office in Hamilton today at 616-358-9650 or reach out online to ensure that your or your loved one’s assets are handled with care and legal precision. Let us help you through this challenging time with our skilled probate and estate administration services.