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Commercial Real Estate Attorney

Commercial real estate is filled with challenges that can overwhelm the most experienced business owners and property investors. Trying to resolve these challenges like non-residential property transactions or those related to various regulatory, financial and contractual issues can take more time, legal knowledge and energy than you have available. Instead of trying to settle these problems by yourself, let a skilled Michigan real estate attorney take care of things.

At Maul Law, we provide critical support for a variety of commercial real estate matters, ensuring every lease, purchase or sale is managed with professional precision. We are proud to assist business owners, developers and other members of the Holland community with all aspects of adhering to local zoning laws and the rest of their commercial real estate needs.

Navigating Commercial Real Estate With Precision

We represent clients addressing township or association issues related to commercial properties by offering, strategic guidance and advocacy to resolve disputes and facilitate smoother transactions, whether involving small, historic buildings or newer stand-alone properties.

For landlords engaged in buying, selling or managing properties, we can assist with drafting, reviewing and revising contracts to defend their best interests while ensuring they are enforceable under Michigan law. We take a proactive approach to minimize instances of legal problems and reduce the severity of the ones that do occur.

We understand the considerable impact commercial real estate outcomes can have on a business. Our attorney leverages his skills in business law to create a personalized strategy that protects your unique needs throughout your business and real estate objectives.

Choose Our Skilled Commercial Real Estate Services

If you’re a commercial property owner, builder or business owner with real estate needs in Michigan, turn to our firm for the dedicated real estate support you deserve. Call us at 616-358-9650 or email us here to schedule your initial consultation today.