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Turning Debt into Dollars

How do you turn a $25 debt into potentially thousands of dollars in damages from a debt collector? Guardian Alarm Company, a Michigan business, sought to collect $25.16 from one Gary Nitzkin through its in-house counsel, Robert Craig. That may sound well and good, but...

What’s so Bad About Bankruptcy?

Objections to the availability of bankruptcy are bountiful, with a majority relying on implicit “moral” arguments that too often miss the point. In the commercial realm, anti-bankruptcy arguments tend to be a bit more sophisticated. For example, in an era of global...

An Opening Remark on Paper vs Real Rules

Karl Llewellyn, one of the towering legal minds of the 20th century who helped give birth to Legal Realism, maintained a distinction between “paper rules” and “real rules” (or “working rules”). Paper rules, according to Llewellyn and other Realists, are what you find...

What is a Flag of Convenience?

Listeners of the hit podcast Casefile may recall last August’s episode dealing with the 1998 disappearance of Amy Lynn Bradley aboard a cruise ship owned by an American corporation but registered or “flagged” in Norway. The phenomenon of ships being registered in...

Lawyering Beyond Convention

Giambattista Vico, writing in chapter two of his De Antiquissima, observed: “An esteemed jurist is, therefore, not someone who, with the help of good memory, masters positive law, but rather someone who, with sharp judgment, knows hw to look into cases and see the...